Add This To Your 2016 To Do List!

Add This To Your 2016 To Do List!

When you have a job, your boss, coworkers and even your team rely on you to get things done in a timely manner. And when you don’t follow through, it affects them—and maybe your long-term employment options as well.
But when you work for yourself, there is no one to hold you accountable.
No one emails you and asks for that new book, or wants to know when you’re finally going to record that video, or questions why you haven’t posted to the blog in 17 weeks.
On the surface, that sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? After all, not having a boss is one of the big draws for self-employment. Here’s the problem though: When no one is depending on you getting your work done, procrastination and just plain lack of focus can quickly take over and bring your business to a screeching halt.
The solution? Simply find someone who will hold you accountable.
One of the benefits of being a part of Simple Success Networking, is being a part of a group that is like minded.  We are all working towards achieving our goals.
Connect with someone in your group and make a pact to keep each other accountable to your goals!  Or better yet, join our new monthly get it done club… which is part of your membership.
A place where you can solidify your goals, get ideas and have your feet held to the fire when your not making progress.


Being a part of an accountability group is a proven technique to help you make things happen, but just like any tool, it only works if you use it well.
Lets make 2016 our best year ever!  Together!

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Amy D Marie is an Online Business Manager, Marketing and Automation Expert and Growth Strategist. I've been obsessed with helping women create and grow a business they love (without burning out) since 2007. I'm a mountain girl who chews her coffee and lives off of sunshine. When I'm not managing or implementing the latest online marketing growth strategies for a client, you will find me outside enjoying the sun and off on my next adventure!

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