Cultivating A Success Mindset

Cultivating A Success Mindset

Scientists, success coaches, philosophers and successful people from around the world agree, the key to success is contained inside you. Your thoughts are your biggest limitation or your strongest asset. Here are five steps to gain control over your life and business by cultivating a success mindset.
Recognize your negative thoughts.
Every day negative thoughts sneak into our internal language. We say or think things like, “This is a bad day,” or “I’m not being very productive,” or even, “I’m terrible at _________.” These negative thoughts have a strong influence on what we believe deep down. When we say things like, “I’m terrible at saving money,” it becomes true.
The first step to eliminating negative thoughts is to recognize them. Whenever you have a negative or limiting thought try to pause and reflect on it. Ask questions like:

  • Do I really believe this?
  • Why am I having this thought?
  • Is this a common thought for me?

By stepping back and taking a look at your negative thoughts, you begin to take away their power. It takes practice and patience to recognize them however as you begin to watch your thoughts, you’ll become better at catching those negative thoughts before they happen.
Practice positive affirmations.
Another practice which fills your mind, heart and spirit with positive thoughts and helps to eliminate the negative ones are positive affirmations. Affirmations can be created to help you through anything. If for example, you found yourself thinking you are terrible at selling your products or services then a positive affirmation to eliminate that limiting belief might be “I love to sell my products and services and am so grateful for the impact they have on my clients.” Or “I am masterful at selling my products and services.”
An affirmation practice can be approached in two ways. Many people prefer to recite the affirmation in the morning and throughout the day, making it a practice. While others prefer to use affirmations as a counterbalance to negative thoughts. Thus when they feel themselves thinking negative thoughts about money, for example, they would recite their positive money affirmation.
Be grateful.
Gratitude may very well be the most positive success tactic available. It’s amazing the calm and peace which comes over you when you feel truly grateful for what you have. When you embrace a practice of gratitude the feeling of “I’ll be happy when I’m _________” or “I’ll be successful when I’m _________” goes away and you’re allowed to be happy and feel successful right now, today. Now that doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t have goals. Gratitude simply makes it possible to focus on those goals as goals and not needs.
Practicing gratitude can take many forms. Some people find great power in the daily ritual of a gratitude journal. This idea works because it makes recognizing all that you have a daily practice. However, others prefer to tic off what they’re grateful for in their head or to simply recognize all they have on an ongoing basis. Try a gratitude journal and see how it changes your life.
Recognize myths.
There are many people who believe success is a combination of luck and hard work. Or who believe that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. What myths about money and success did you grow up with? What myths do you still hold onto, either consciously or unconsciously?
Spend some time exploring your success myths. Ask yourself what do you believe, why do you believe it and is it really true? You may find that much of what you hold onto as true, you don’t really believe, they’re just things you picked up as you grew and for one reason or another stuck with you. If you’re able to let go of these myths and embrace new beliefs, empowering beliefs about money and success, you will be one step closer to the success you desire. Which brings us to the final step in developing a success mindset – how do you define success?
Define success for yourself.
Often when we are asked to define success, we look at those around us who we consider to be successful. Maybe it’s the person down the street with the million dollar home, two new cars in the driveway and a houseful of beautiful well mannered children or maybe it’s the person who owns their own real estate business and is always smiling and wears the best suits.
Additionally, if you pay close attention, we often define success in material forms. “Success is having_________.” And we compare what we have to what others have to determine whether or not we feel successful. Spend some time analyzing your definition for success. Where did it come from? Who do you consider to be successful and why? Then take a look at what you want for your life separate from what others have. You may find that you already fit your personal definition of success.
Having a successful mindset is not only the key to being successful it is the key to joy and living your best life. Embrace these steps, be patient with yourself they’re not easy, and live the successful life you were destined to live.

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