How To Optimize Your Social Media Efforts With Timing

How To Optimize Your Social Media Efforts With Timing

On social media, the time and frequency for posting is crucial in determining engagement level. Everyone is on social media at different times of the day.


If you think about your social media use, you’ll probably recognize that this is the case for you as well.


You might find that you spend a half an hour after waking up on social media; and then check again after lunch, and spend some time in the evening.


When you’re on social media, you’ll see posts in real-time and engage with them.


But what about all of the content that comes through late morning and late afternoon when you’re busy growing your business?


You may scroll back and see some of it, but it’s likely that much will get lost.


The same is true for audiences as a whole. Like an individual person, a specific demographic is most likely to be on social media at certain times. Workers check during their work breaks. Young people will check late at night, and so on.


In order to save time, you need to optimize your engagement efforts, and this means discovering the best times and posting during those times.


There is research into the best times for posting according to demographic and platform, but the only true way to find out is through trial and error.


Start by creating a posting schedule. Vary your posting times each day.  I like to use Buffer to set-up a posting schedule both for myself and my clients.


For example, for four days you might post at certain set times. Then, after the fourth day, change the times at random. Keep repeating until you have several days of posting at different times.


The same goes for days of the week, so mix this up as well.


Track your engagement and it will be easy to see which times are best to get the most out of your social media effots.

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