Increase Your Profits With This One Simple Tip

Increase Your Profits With This One Simple Tip

Who doesn’t want to increase their profits?  Most entrepreneurs are always looking for profit-generating opportunities.  However, something that is often overlooked is profit leaks.
As an entrepreneur, you want to get into the habit of looking for and spotting leaks or drains that lose you time and unnecessarily increase expense.  Plug up a leak or eliminate a drain and you have increased your profits!
One of the biggest leaks that result in massive revenues lost is follow-up.  Every entrepreneur has heard the saying – the fortune is in the follow-up.  And, it’s true.
You may think you are following up on every lead, but chances are you’re missing some.  A good system in place will ensure you follow-up on every lead and directly increase your profits..  thing: Not the odd lead, but a whole area you don’t commonly consider. And this goes equally for prospects and product creation leads (ideas).
There are some areas as well that are often overlooked when it comes to follow-up.  These areas can attract more prospects and even give you ideas for new products or services to offer.
Here are just a few to consider adding to your follow-up system:

  • Social Media Posts – respond to all comments and create a conversation.
  • Blog comments – this is a great way to build relationships.
  • Networking Events, Conference & Live Event – reach out and get to know the people you meet.
  • Online Group Sites or Forums – get involved, ask or answer questions.

Follow up on promises you’ve made! Send thank you notes and tell your new contacts how to reach you. Brainstorm what you can add to give them a reason to keep your information.
And always keep your ears open for what they need next. (They’ll tell you—if you’re listening!)

Author: Amy Marie, Chickadee Marketing Boutique

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Amy D Marie is an Online Business Manager, Marketing and Automation Expert and Growth Strategist. I've been obsessed with helping women create and grow a business they love (without burning out) since 2007. I'm a mountain girl who chews her coffee and lives off of sunshine. When I'm not managing or implementing the latest online marketing growth strategies for a client, you will find me outside enjoying the sun and off on my next adventure!

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